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Sinners who trust Christ to be
saved by grace ,
at that moment become maturing
Saints who can
trust Christ to be
solved by grace!

"Never forget,
no matter what...
John 3:16

Read and hear the Bible in various languages on various platforms!  Experience the Bible afresh! (English, Spanish and 600 more!)

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 ( is from the folks who bring you the FREE YouVersion Bible app - plus other FREE Bible apps)

I have found many of these regular emails to be very insightful and helpful on my journey.  Take a look at the various lists of devotions, sign-up for those that are tailored for your particular needs on your journey & may the Holy Spirit guide you, as you dig deeper into God's Truth!

Producers of the books :  Truefaced, Bo's Cafe, The Cure and On My Worst Day


     ••Link to see the various books available through
YouTube Channel for Trueface & BosCafe (Short entertaining, yet instructional videos from John Lynch)
     ••RSS Feeds
             -- John Lynch's instructive
             -- Ongoing 15 minute Audio
Podcasts by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, John Lynch and Dave Pinkerton providing 
                 regular encouragement on your journey.)
Link to hear the various messages available through John's Church's site at

"My Journey of Brokenness, Healing and Restoration"
by T. A. Powell (& family)

This 20 page booklet is a heart moving story of failure and forgiveness. 

This powerful booklet presents the painful,
yet profitable path of a family dealing with the weakness of the flesh,
yet the overwhelming power of the indwelling and restoring Holy Spirit! 
Well worth the investment of time! 

FREE PDF to download)(Audio Links containing his testimony - to hear OR to download)



What if God is not Who you think He is and neither are you!

The Cure is a study of personal revival that points to the indwelling Christ
He ALONE is your complete Answer! -
Col. 1:26-29

      Great book to articulate basic personal revival!
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Chapter by Chapter resources enhancing the Study Group experience.

  "He Loves Me"

••Click HERE to download the FREE 1st edition
of this book in PDF format.


••Click to visit Wayne's site -
This site contains many sources for understanding
what it means to "live loved" of the Heavenly Father!

These books are compilations of articles from a wide variety of saints, from various backgrounds and countries, at various points in their journey of grace. Reading with discernment, with this backdrop in place, you can glean fresh perspectives to enhance your journey. May the Holy Spirit, the only infallible Guide, reveal to you the truth, through these ever-maturing saints, in their attempts to express God's deep truth!

"The Lord God Is In Your Midst" - Grace Book 1
A free ebook download - A compilation of 80 brief articles by 31 different authors on the varied nuances of Grace!

"Rivers of Living Waters" - Grace Book 2
A free ebook download - A compilation of 76 brief articles by 39 different authors on the more nuances of Grace!


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