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Sinners who trust Christ to be
saved by grace ,
at that moment become maturing
Saints who can
trust Christ to be
solved by grace!

"Never forget,
no matter what...
John 3:16

Read and hear the Bible in various languages on various platforms!  Experience the Bible afresh! (English, Spanish and 600 more!)

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Study Groups, studying "THE CURE," have been meeting on Thursdays!  This session is done for now!

PLEASE call, text or email , using the above links, if you are interested in our groups or if you would like to discuss starting one of your own!  We would love to hear from you today!

  Below are three summary video interviews with John Lynch
that give an overview of "The Cure"


The Cure is a study of personal revival that points to the indwelling Christ
He ALONE is your complete Answer! - Col. 1:26-29

Follow these links to Amazon or CBD to see how to purchase the TWO books we use in the study, "The Cure" and "The Cure: Study Guide with DVD."


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enhancing the Study Group experience.

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